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Bonus program

What is our bonus program?

As a customer in our shop, we would like to thank you with our free bonus program.

Participation in our bonus program is only possible for individual natural persons who are of legal age and who have a registered customer account in our shop. Resellers (B2B) are generally excluded from this bonus program. Customers who place a so-called guest order or who place an order over the phone, by letter or by e-mail can unfortunately not receive any bonus points.

You collect bonus points for all future purchases here in the shop, which you can then redeem for bonus items or direct discounts. You can find a detailed description of this in the following text under points 1 and 2.




And how exactly does it work with the bonus points?

 1 - Collecting bonus points

  • For all items in our shop (under the price information), you will see an indicatior of how many bonus points you will earn for purchasing this item. (Excludes books, vouchers and, if applicable, individual articles)

  • We will credit your customer account with a bonus point for every 1.00 € you spend (it will be rounded up to one full euro).

  • When calculating the bonus points, only the paid sales excluding shipping costs are taken into account.

  • After your order has been paid for, your bonus points will be activated immediately within 24 hours.

  • You can see the current status of your bonus points at any time in your customer account or directly at the top right of the screen by clicking on the red "B" icon!

    Note: You have to be logged in with your customer account to get access to your bonus points!


2 - Redeeming Bonus Points

You can use the bonus points you have collected in your future purchases in our shop in two ways:

  • Exchange your bonus points for free bonus items
    We offer you a selected number of articles that you can purchase with your bonus points.

  • Change your bonus points into euros for an instant discount
    With your next order you can deduct the value of the bonus points as a voucher (instant discount)!

Every 35 points equal an immediate discount of 1.00 €. 

Only a maximum amount of 40.00 € = 1400 points can be redeemed as an instant discount per order.


3 - General conditions of our bonus program

  • Bonus points can only be redeemed as described above. A pay-out of the points is not possible.

  • Bonus points cannot be transferred! This also applies if you as a customer create a new account or have your data deleted.

  • If items are returned, e.g. due to a revocation or a cancellation of your order, the bonus points in the amount of your entire order will be deducted from your point account for technical reasons. It is irrelevant whether the entire order is cancelled or just individual items.

  • If it subsequently turns out that the reduction in bonus points meant that there were not enough points available for the bonus items supplied, the bonus item must be returned or the corresponding sales price for the item must be paid back.

  • When your customer account expires at your own request, all bonus points available up to the request for deletion expire.

  • Bonus points are valid for 365 days from the date they are credited and then expire.

  • We are entitled to change the conversion factor for the acquisition of bonus points and also for redeeming the points after announcement on the shop pages and with a lead time of one month. All bonus points not redeemed by the time of change will then be redeemed with the new conversion factor.

  • In the event that we discontinue the bonus program, this will be announced on the shop pages one month in advance. Bonus points which are not redeemed by then expire.

By using our bonus program, you accept all conditions as mentioned above. 

If you have any further questions about our bonus program, you will either find the appropriate answer under the FAQ or you can write us a message here if something is still unclear.