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Poppers Erfahrungen

Poppers experiences: Here's how different the experience is on poppers adventures

You have probably encountered poppers in one bedroom or another. Small, colourful bottles – not to be underestimated. Many gays love the experiences with poppers, because the flavours are known to be an insane way to increase the pleasure and to feel unexpected sensations during new adventures. But how does poppers feel during sex? There are many different poppers experiences: Some report an intense rush with horny arousal, others like the liberating, öopening feeling and the lack of inhibition that the flavours bring with them. There is no one-size-fits-all sensation – there are countless variations of sensation and popper experiences. All experiences are welcome in our community zone. Take advantage of this and come along on a cheeky journey through the varied popper experiences – and make your own! 

Are you wondering what poppers are anyway?Well, that too is in the eye of the beholder: an inner firework, a tangy cocktail, unbridled pleasure. But briefly explained: poppers are nitrites that, when inhaled directly from the bottle, produce a state of intoxication, releasing euphoria and lowering inhibitions, among other things. They induce a state of intoxication, through which your sensations can be perceived more intensely and muscle relaxation can be promoted.


Poppers during sex: experiences differ

When it comes to gay sex, the little fläschchen have now become a permanent fixture. There are countless testimonials – and they show: Poppers can positively influence lovemaking, make sex more exciting and provide new pleasure. From unrestrained orgies to enchanting experiences for two: poppers awaken the wildest fantasies.

But: There is not just one popper. There are an insane number of brands and varieties that can have a slightly different effect. Although the active ingredients are usually the same, the focus of the effect can vary due to the composition. That is why theexperiences with poppers sometimes diverge somewhat.


What are the poppers effects & experiences?

As mentioned before: the poppers experience depends on various factors. Nevertheless, there is a certain effect that is triggered by the ingredients in the bottles. Basically, an intoxicating state develops, which leads to the following effects, among others:

  • The inhibition threshold decreases
  • The sense of touch increases
  • Generally, the sensitivity increases, whereby the sensation during sex is perceived more intensively
  • The heart rate may increase
  • The vessels may dilate
  • there may be a feeling of warmth
  • The muscles relax, especially those in the anal area
  • partly a feeling of timelessness
  • arises.


Whether slightly woozy, suddenly really horny or particularly wide – the experience with poppers depends greatly on the brand and personal sensitivity. Every gay man has different preferences. Different brands also offer different experiences. While some catapult you straight into the orbit of arousal, others are more mild and provide an additional tingling sensation. And that's why you should try out different varieties. This way you can collect the different popper experiences for yourself and find out which varieties suit you best.

We at Tom Rocket’s not only offer you the largest selection of gay sex toys, but also our Community Zone. Here you can always read stories about interesting popper experiences and get inspired.


Poppers shops: Experience and what is important when buying

First of all: In Germany and most European countries, poppers are legal. They do not fall under the German Medicines Act. They fall neither under the Medicines Act nor under the Narcotics Act. There is also no hallucinogenic or addictive effect. So you don't have to worry about anything when buying poppers and can enjoy your individual popper experience without any worries. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying poppers, so that you can enjoy the effects of nitrites to the fullest:

Meanwhile, there are a variety of ways to buy poppers online. Basically, you should make sure that you always buy your bottles from reputable shops. In addition, the quality plays a role in the effect: cheap, imitation private labels sometimes have a lower effect than those of well-known manufacturers. If you want an intense, unadulterated popper experience, you should go for high-quality varieties and brands.

We recommend buying only from reputable shops – and not from just anyone. Unfortunately, even small bottles are sometimes fakes to buy. They look like the products of well-known brands, but contain inferior ingredients. These can lead to side effects such as headaches, nausea and so on, all things you would rather do without during pleasurable adventures. In most cases, you can recognise such fakes by minimal deviations in design, packaging or bottle size. Buy only where you are sure.

More tips for your popper experience:

  • Always read the instructions on the product
  • Pay particular attention to the safety instructions
  • Never use poppers in conjunction with Viagra & Co.
  • Do not swallow poppers under any circumstances
  • Leave fire and heat out of it when playing with poppers
  • Don't break the bottles until you need to use them
  • Store them in the refrigerator beforehand.


Poppers: gather your own experience!

Well, are you up for an exciting adventure now?Poppers are a number in themselves and can take your playfulness to a new level or open the doors of your perception a good bit. Collect your own poppers experiences step by step and slowly start using them. That way you'll quickly notice which varieties get you going.

Whether you want to try poppers for the first time or are already a valued connoisseur – you will find a huge selection of different varieties here. Tom Rocket’s offers everything about fun, lust and adventure for gay men. From mild to wild – in our gay shop you are guaranteed to find some poppers that will send your sexual climaxes into orbit. Whether dildos, Fetish Wear or  similar: we will send you everything as quickly as possible and, above all, discreetly.