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Poppers: use and benefits

How to use poppers? 

Poppers themselves are different nitrites, sometimes they are combined with fragrances. The different nitrites sometimes also provide slightly varying effects when using poppers - so boredom is off the table. In our gay shop you can order poppers for use completely legally.

Poppers application: what is it actually?

In case you've ever asked yourself that: the name "poppers" comes from the brief popping effect that the glass ampoules cause when they are opened. From a scientific point of view, poppers consist of various nitrites, including amyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite and cyclohexyl nitrite.

The nitrites used or combined in different ways can differ. Together they have a lust-increasing effect. Because these nitrites have a chemical fragrance, many products are still combined with fragrances so that they can also be used well as room fragrances.

What are the differences when using poppers?

We provide a multitude of different varieties and offers for you, including aromas more suitable for bottoms, tops or even curious beginners. You can simply browse and select in peace in our shop. Of course, you can also discuss the respective Poppers effects including their components with your partner. Popper packs sometimes combine different types.

Which poppers packs do we carry?

We are a gay company and we want men to have fun with sex. We have tested our poppers ourselves, so we know what we are selling. We carry poppers ... 

  • ... for beginners (starter pack)
  • ... for experienced users (heavy users)
  • ... as well as for fisters (Ultra Fist Packs)
  • ... and for women (the New Lady Pack)

For fisters there is the Ultra Fist Pack - perfect for everyone who simply wants more when using poppers. In addition to the poppers, the sets also consist of other products, such as various lubricants or anal sprays. In the Lady Pack we have put the most popular room aromas with a fruity scent and bright colours that are not too strong, but not too weak either.

Our promise: No matter which poppers you order for use, we always send them in a discreet box.

Why are we a serious partner for your poppers application?

We are a gay-run company that can look back on a wealth of expertise and experience. That is why we only offer products that we are convinced of ourselves. We also offer you an attractive bonus system and many payment methods with which you can pay for your order. So that you don't have to wait long for your order, we ship quickly after receipt of payment - a delivery time of 1 to 2 days is to be expected within Germany and 2 to 3 working days within the EU. The best thing to do is to order online now and try it yourself!