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Legalities of poppers

Is poppers legal or a drug? Does it fall under the Narcotics or Medicines Act? Or can it be freely sold? These questions can be very unsettling. As a queer shop, that specializes in poppers, we want to educate people here.

First of all: Yes, poppers are legal. They consist of nitrites that have no potential for abuse or dependence and are also not subject to the Medicinal Act. Here you can find out from what age it is allowed to sell and own poppers as room fragrances and much more.

Poppers legal: these are the active ingredients

Poppers traditionally consist of nitrites such as isopropyl nitrite as well as fragrances and flavourings. Since poppers are mixed with those flavourings, they can be sold as a room fragrances.

Those are the reasons why poppers are legal

There is no risk of dependency!

  • They can be bought over the counter as they are not covered by the Drugs Act. 

  • They do not trigger any hallucinogenic effects! 

  • Due to the physiological effect, "poppers" were defined as functional medicinal products in the past by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). A later decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ, see below) in 2014 revoked the assignment of “poppers” to functional medicinal products. It is no longer applicable.

The consumption of poppers is legal EU-wide

Since poppers are legal, you can buy, store, and use them as a home fragrance with impunity. But even if there are no legal restrictions, you should make sure that you use them safely.

Please pay attention to the information on the packaging. Under no circumstances use poppers if you have cardiovascular problems or cardiac arrhythmias. Also, never take them with Viagra or other sexual enhancers. If you accidentally drink it, drink plenty of water immediately and call an ambulance. Important: do not vomit! Because then the oesophagus and throat burn.

Buy poppers legally: Only for adults

You can also tell that poppers are legal by the fact that it is not mentioned in the federal government's “Drugs and Addiction Report”. So you don't have to fear any consequences if you own and use this aphrodisiac. In our gay shop we only sell poppers to adults over the age of 18.

Poppers are legal in these countries

  • In Germany
  • In Switzerland and Austria
  • And in all other EU countries

Are you planning a skiing holiday in Austria or Switzerland? There you can also consume and enjoy these aromas without any problems or restrictions. The same goes for every EU country. The British government even explicitly confirmed in 2016 that poppers can be sold.

Buy poppers legally and secure volume discounts

Since there are no legal restrictions, you can own as much as you want. There are no quantity restrictions. How practical that we offer volume discounts in our gay shop. With a pack of three you save 10 percent, with an order of at least 36 units you save 40 percent and if that's not enough for you, you only pay 55 percent of the original price at 144 units!

And yet another lucrative feature of our shop: our bonus system. If you create a customer account with us, you will receive one point for every euro you spend.  Which you can exchange for a direct discount or use on our  bonus items when ordering later. As  bonus item, we mainly carry poppers, but also lubricants and sex toys. We always have these items in stock and can exchange them at any time.

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Is Poppers a Drug?

No, poppers is not a drug and does not fall under the Narcotics Act! Possession and use are legal in Germany and in all EU countries. Poppers are not even mentioned in the federal government's “Drugs and Addiction Report”.


Are poppers legal?

Yes, poppers are EU-wide legal because there is no risk of addiction. It does not induce hallucinogenic effects and the flash effect only lasts a few seconds. Therefore, poppers do not fall under the Narcotics Act, can be freely sold and there are no quantity restrictions.


Where can you buy poppers legally?

At our gay shop "Tom Rockets" you can buy poppers legally. Here you will find high-quality products at low prices. We have an extensive range of different room aromas and on top of that offer you profitable volume discounts. In a pack of three you get a 10 percent discount, from 144 pieces we even grant a discount of 55 percent.