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Experience: poppers during sex

Interesting facts about poppers during sex 

Even if you don’t have any experience with poppers yet, that's no problem! Because here you can find out more about the nitrites in poppers, which do not fall under the German Narcotics Act or the Medicines Act and can therefore be legally acquired and owned. Your future experiences will also depend on what type of poppers you choose. We offer you various practical sets and bundles, according to your wishes and needs.

What poppers experience can I expect?

Poppers are known to have a lust-increasing effect, which makes them an attractive option for gays, bisexuals, but also for heterosexuals. Always inform yourself first and note the information on the product itself. In addition, you should never combine poppers with Viagra.

  • Popper's experience: what do you have to consider?
  • Read the instructions on the products
  • Do not take with Viagra
  • Never swallow poppers

For an optimal poppers experience: How should the bottles be stored?

We will send you the poppers in a discreet package that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about it's content. When storing, you should consider the following points in order to get a good poppers experience.

At room temperature the chemical base breaks down, which can lead to a reduced sensory experience. That's why you don't open the bottles until you want to use them - until then they are best kept safe in your refrigerator. In any case, when you take it out, make sure that the seal is tight and unopened. This way you (and your partner) can plan ahead for the optimal Poppers experience. Caution: you should never artificially heat the poppers!

How should poppers be stored?

  • Poppers are stored in the refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius
  • they should never be exposed to direct sunlight or heat
  • Poppers should only be opened when they are in use

How do we ensure an ideal poppers experience?

We  would like to be a valued partner to you so that everything, especially your health, it the top priority. We send our packages discreetly, you can pay with different payment methods, according to your wishes.

What drives us: We are a queer-run company, know our way around the LGBTQIA+ scene and want to help people have amazing. That is why we want to offer you everything that is important to you to embark on a pleasurable adventure. This is reflected in the quality of our range of products. Try them out yourself and get your first poppers experience!